A Guide to the Most Effective Heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for 2023

In 2023, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will offer a selection of heroes with different abilities and play styles. This article will provide an overview of the best heroes to choose from, using a comprehensive tier list. With this guide, you will be able to pick the most powerful and effective heroes for your team.

Tier S: The Supreme Heroes


Yve is renowned as a mage hero who is particularly adept at crowd control and delivering considerable damage. At present, she is one of the mightiest heroes in the game, due to her capacity to inflict extensive AoE damage. Her ultimate power has the capacity to obliterate a whole team if it is deployed in the correct manner, making her a top selection for gamers who desire to dominate the battleground.


Paquito has become a well-known musician in the music world due to his unique style and genre of music. He has been performing for years, and his music has been highly praised by music lovers all around the globe. He has created a distinct sound and has even been dubbed as the master of his craft. His music is a mix of traditional and modern styles, which creates a truly captivating sound.

Paquito is a highly mobile fighter hero with great crowd control. This makes him an ideal pick for those who prefer an aggressive playstyle since they can utilize his abilities to stun adversaries and pursue them. Furthermore, Paquito’s versatility allows gamers to craft him either as a tank or a damage dealer, depending on their individual playstyle.


Barats is able to inflict a considerable amount of harm, as well as withstand enemy strikes, making him a highly valued tank hero in the game. Additionally, he has powerful crowd control abilities that make him a desirable asset. His ultimate ability has the potential to alter the course of a match, demonstrating his menacing capabilities.

Tier A: Heroes with Great Strength


Benedetta is a mobile assassin hero that offers the opportunity to choose between playing defensively as a tank or offensively as a damage dealer. With her ultimate ability, she can cause a substantial amount of damage and then quickly retreat from any dangerous situations. Players who prefer a hit-and-run style of gameplay will find Benedetta to be an ideal choice.


Diggie stands out as a top-tier support hero due to his ability to provide assistance to his teammates and master crowd control. Players who prefer a supportive role in the game will find him to be an excellent choice. Additionally, his capacity to turn into an egg renders him impervious to enemy strikes and a great asset for diverting adversaries.


This is a name that is often heard and one that carries a certain amount of prestige. It is a name that has been around for a long time and continues to be a popular choice for parents today.

Mathilda is a great pick for players who want to play a supportive role but also cause a lot of damage. She has the capacity to control crowds and to cause harm, making her a great ally in fights. To top it off, her ultimate power allows her to heal her companions, making her a necessary part of any team battle.

Tier B: Heroic Characters


Khaleed is a highly mobile fighter hero with remarkable damage-dealing potential, making him ideal for gamers who prefer a more offensive style. He can quickly move to confront adversaries and deal considerable damage, making him a top pick for this type of play. Furthermore, Khaleed is versatile and can be built as either a tank or a damage dealer.

Players who prefer to be on the offensive will find Chou an ideal fighter hero. His swiftness and crowd control capabilities make him an effective combatant. Not only can he quickly dispatch opponents through his combo moves, but also he can be outfitted as either a tank or damage dealer, giving gamers a variety of options.


The mention of Alice brings to mind a person who is the subject of a well-known literary work.

Alice is an excellent mage hero for players who want to provide assistance to their team and still have the potential to do major damage. Her ultimate ability is both destructive and restorative, making her an invaluable asset in the gaming environment. Her crowd control and healing abilities are top-notch.

Tier C: Heroes of Average Ability


Odette is a character from the movie of the same name. She is the protagonist of the story, and her journey is followed throughout the film. Odette is a determined young woman who faces many challenges and struggles with strength and courage. She is a determined individual who fights for her goals, no matter the cost. Odette’s story is one of courage and perseverance, and her journey is an inspiring one.

Odette, with her effective crowd control and damage-dealing potential, needs to be positioned strategically in order to avoid enemy attacks. Despite her appeal to those who prefer mage heroes, she is not as strong as other characters on this list fullformsadda.


The well-known character of Guinevere is one that has been engrained in the collective memory of many. This figure of Arthurian Legend has been a part of literature and culture for centuries, with many stories and works written about her since medieval times informenu.

Guinevere is an attractive pick for those who enjoy fighter heroes, given her ability to both manage a crowd and deal out damage. Nonetheless, as she relies heavily on her skills to do damage, she is liable to enemy attacks. As a result, she may not be as strong as some of the other options.


A character from Victor Hugo’s novel, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Esmeralda is a beautiful and kind-hearted Gypsy girl who captures the hearts of many. She is a symbol of justice and mercy, and throughout the story, she shows unwavering courage in the face of adversity.

Esmeralda is an ideal choice for mage or tank hero gameplay due to her formidable crowd control and damage-dealing capacities. Nonetheless, her susceptibility to enemy attacks since her skills are her main source of damage is a downside to consider. Even so, she remains a suitable option for players, albeit not as powerful as some of the other heroes available dishportal.

Tier D: Inferior Heroes


Layla may have some decent offensive capabilities, but her lack of mobility and susceptibility to enemy assaults make her a less desirable option for folks who enjoy playing marksman heroes since there are better picks available.


In spite of being able to put out decent damage, Zilong is deficient in the area of crowd control, relying mainly on his basic attacks. This makes him a sub-optimal pick for players who favor playing fighter heroes, since there are more viable options out there etvhindu.


Miya is a name that is used to refer to a person. It is a popular name, particularly in some parts of the world. The origin of the name is uncertain but it is believed to have its roots in various cultures. It is a name that is associated with a unique individual.

Miya is capable of dealing reasonable damage, yet her lack of mobility and her vulnerability to enemy assaults render her an undesirable pick for those who tend to play marksman heroes, as there are more suitable options available quoteamaze.

In Summary

This guide has divided the Heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang into five levels. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a hard and fast rule. Certain expert players may consider all heroes to be of an equal strength. The objective of this guide is to provide a brief overview of a few of the heroes, which can assist newcomers to the game. For more exact gameplay and abilities, one can download the Redfinger Android emulator from






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