Are Samsung Galaxy Phones Drop-Resistant?

You may be wondering, “Are Samsung Galaxy phones drop-resistant?” You’re not alone. Some manufacturers have been known to misrepresent their phones. Samsung engineers and marketing teams sometimes fail to communicate well, which can lead to inaccurate ads and misinformation. The fact is, however, that Samsung phones are drop-resistant. Even older versions of Samsung phones are drop-resistant. It’s worth checking the specs before you buy your new phone, however. Ziply Fiber Customer Service: Contact us. We are listening!

One way to check whether a phone is drop-resistant is to take it to a store and drop it from about six inches. Some Samsung Galaxy models are more resistant than others. You can even purchase cases made of silicone that can protect your phone from scratches. The Galaxy S22 has an additional plastic backing that makes it prone to breakage. A Galaxy Note 8 case is a better option than an ordinary case.

Another way to determine if a phone is drop-resistant is to check its IP rating. The IP rating of a device indicates whether it is resistant to scratches or damage. IP68 protects it from water and dust, and IP69 ratings protect it from 5% salt fog. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ have an IP68 rating, which means they can handle water and other liquids. It also has military certification, meaning that it can survive drops and can be repaired if it is damaged.

Apple’s latest iPhones, including the Apple iPhone 12, survived a drop test, but their glass surfaces suffered more damage. Apple’s latest models, the iPhone 13 Pro, have “Ceramic Shield” technology, but these devices are not drop-proof, according to Allstate Protection Plans. Even if Apple has a better “Ceramic Shield,” the glass is not as durable as Samsung Gorilla Glass Victus+.

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