Have a car accident claim in Rio Rancho? Seek legal advice now!

Nothing would compare to the trauma caused by a car accident, especially if the mishap happened because of another person’s fault. New Mexico is a fault state. If you suffered injuries in an on-road crash in Rio Rancho, you should get legal advice from an attorney without further delay. Accident lawyers can help you get the right settlement, for which they often have to dig deep to gather evidence and details. Here’s an overview of the need for an attorney. 

Understanding the process 

You cannot directly file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. The first step is to file a claim with their insurer, which will initiate the whole process of recovering compensation. The insurance company will do their homework, and if they find your claim is valid, they will make an offer. Don’t assume that the insurance adjuster would be fair with you at any point. They want to reduce the losses for the company they work for and will try to convince you to accept the first offer. 

An attorney can see through the insurance tactics and will negotiate for you. Before all that starts, your lawyer will investigate the accident and find details to support your claim. They will also talk to witnesses, and if there is any dispute on fault, they may even consult experts to understand how the accident happened. Lawyers also collaborate with medical experts when needed to know the nature of their client’s injuries. 

Filing a lawsuit

It is not usual for car accident claims to end up in court, but if the claim is denied or the insurance company doesn’t want to pay an acceptable settlement, the lawyer may have to go to trial. In New Mexico, the statute of limitations allows three years to file a car accident injury lawsuit, and the lawyer will work on the case keeping all possibilities in mind. They will also ensure that your case is watertight in court, and more importantly, they will argue aggressively to counter the other party’s claim. 

Hiring an attorney is not expensive

If your financial situation prevents you from calling an attorney, remember that most personal injury lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee. Car accident lawyers take a share of the settlement, and that’s only when the client recovers compensation. You can expect the attorney to evaluate your claim for free, and once they come on board, they will work on the case accordingly. 

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