HealthTap – Family Practice Clinic Review

HealthTap is a leading virtual healthcare provider that provides affordable, on-demand care to those in need. Through proprietary technology that matches patients with U.S. board-certified doctors, they provide both urgent care and ongoing Primary Care in real time at scale.

HealthTap provides members with free personalized information from its Medical Expert Network of 85,000+ doctors. Plus, they offer various ways to communicate with their doctor without having to visit the clinic, such as online video and text/chat appointments.


HealthTap Family Practice Clinic offers telehealth appointments for primary and urgent care via text or video with board-certified doctors. They diagnose, prescribe medicine, order lab tests and make referral recommendations when appropriate.

After every visit, they provide a comprehensive treatment plan to help you stay on track and avoid expensive trips to the ER. It’s an economical alternative to in-person visits and emergency room care that saves patients hundreds of dollars each year.

Established in 2010, HealthTap provides low-cost appointments for those without insurance. Additionally, they have a monthly subscription option with exclusive discounts and benefits.

They provide a range of services and accept various insurance plans. Furthermore, the app enables users to access their personal health records and medication history. With ScriptHero’s prescription discount program, members typically save 74% on common medications.


HealthTap Family Practice Clinic is an online healthcare service that offers quality medical care at a fixed fee. It provides various services, such as urgent care and primary care.

The service strives to make healthcare accessible for everyone by offering real doctors’ advice at the moment of need, with wait times of just one minute or less. Furthermore, AI is used to triage symptoms and offer suggestions based on an individual’s characteristics and geographical location.

Customers can pay a flat rate for each consultation or subscribe to the monthly Prime plan. With either option, customers will be matched with an appropriate doctor and given the freedom to book appointments whenever it suits them. Plus, with this app they’re able to view lab reports, prescriptions, and consultation notes at their leisure.


Security measures are paramount for doctor’s offices to safeguard patients, medications, medical equipment and data. Burglars and other criminals tend to target medical facilities with expensive medication or equipment in their possession.

A comprehensive security plan for your facility should encompass both physical space and hardware, including access control mechanisms, visitor control procedures and record maintenance. It should also incorporate a process for equipment/inventory control.

Your personal health information is safeguarded by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires healthcare providers to abide by certain guidelines regarding their use and disclosure of your data. HealthTap Providers use your PHI for treatment purposes by offering virtual on-demand care.


HealthTap Family Practice Clinic is an outstanding provider of convenient medical services. They offer telemedicine and work site care options, plus they have a symptom checker to help determine which treatment option is right for you. Plus, their app makes connecting with doctors easy; licensed US physicians offer online consultations via video conferencing.

Convenience is a key component of healthcare today, and HealthTap Family Practice Clinic has taken this into consideration when creating their platform. Their patented app boasts various useful features like an AI-powered symptom checker that can recommend the right treatment for you. They even have telemedicine capabilities like video chat or email with doctors; most notably though is their real time e-visits with US physicians even if you’re across the country!

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