How Many Law Firms Are There in the United States?

The number of law firms in the United States is enormous. However, a mere 1% of these firms have more than one hundred lawyers, while the vast majority of law firms have two to five attorneys. The other 93 percent are in mid-size law firms, with more than ten members. According to the American Bar Association, over 194,000 lawyers pay dues, making it one of the largest organizations in the country.

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There are many industries that require the services of a lawyer, and many people are looking for these services. For example, patents, copyrights, and antitrust are just a few of the areas in which attorneys are sought. Then there are disputes, labor, political, social, and intellectual property matters.

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If you’re looking for an employment opportunity in the legal profession, a law firm brand will help you differentiate yourself from the competition. The ABA’s annual Profile of the Legal Profession also provides a breakdown of the number of lawyers employed in each state.

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The number of female law students is increasing. According to the National Law Journal, there are over eleven thousand law students nationwide, and four of the top four law schools are dominated by women. Yet, despite the increasing gender diversity in the legal profession, there are still relatively few women in the field. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, the top barriers to women entering the profession are finding a job, protecting their children from sexual assault, and protecting themselves from exploitation.

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