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How to Improve Your Instagram Video

One of the most popular social networks, Instagram, has launched a new feature called Live Video. It enables users to watch videos on the platform without having to download an application. Live video is an excellent feature that will boost your brand and attract more viewers. This feature is still in its early stages, but there are some things you can do to improve the quality of the videos. Here are some tips for creating great Instagram videos:

Increase the bitrate: One of the biggest problems with Instagram videos is the compression artefacts. To fix this, upscaling the video gives it a better resolution and bit rate. To achieve the best quality, upscaling your video to 4k is highly recommended. At 4k resolution, Instagram supports a higher bitrate, resulting in less compression and better detail. Also, make sure you have enough light to shoot in low-light conditions. Also, try using a tripod or stabilizing the phone while filming. You can also use filters to improve the look and quality of the video.

Add captions: If you want to increase engagement, make sure your Instagram videos have captions. Without captions, viewers will have a hard time understanding what your video is about. In addition to captions, use motion graphics to reinforce important messages. Using captions and motion graphics will help your brand’s presence stand out among the crowd. While Instagram Live videos are fun, a lack of sound can make your video unusable for some viewers.

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