Is it Worth Teaching English in Asia?

If you love Asia and are passionate about helping the locals learn the language, teaching English in Asia can be the perfect opportunity for you. The cost of living in Asia is lower than in other regions, and you can explore the country on your breaks. Many people consider teaching English in Asia as a springboard to travel throughout the region. However, the language barrier can be a major hurdle, especially in countries like China. In addition to learning the Chinese language, you may have to learn the Thai dialect, Japanese or Korean language as well. Learning a new language is a big commitment and requires a certain level of dedication.

The iTutorGroup, a company owned by Ping An Insurance Group, has a thriving online education program that connects teachers from all over the world with students in Asia. The program offers a competitive salary, a flexible schedule, subsidized accommodation, a fully-furnished apartment, and a bonus for contract completion. The program also features a wide variety of student types, so there’s something for every individual odisha discom.

Taiwan is a perfect destination for the summer. It is warm and hospitable, so be prepared with your bikini and some sunscreen! If you’re looking for a snowy environment, you’ll have a hard time living in Taiwan. Fortunately, the country has diverse landscapes that will keep you busy for the entire duration of your stay. However, you will be spending the majority of your time outdoors, which will probably make you miss snow.

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