Most Common doubts and queries about divorce cases

At some points in a marriage, both partners feel like separating from each other. When couples think of separating, their most common thought is filing for a divorce. Although divorce might seem a lot easier from the outside, several complications involve child custody, child support, alimony, distribution of assets, etc.

Even if you go through a divorce, life after it is much more complex than you imagine. You have to manage your finances alone and live on a single income. So you must be prepared for all the challenges that will enter your life. 

The best way to ensure you are prepared for everything is to get legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney. You can ask everything you want to know about divorce proceedings and how they will impact your children.

Most common questions asked about divorce cases.

  • Is there an alternative for divorce?

Several couples do not want to live with each other but are unwilling to go through a divorce. Fortunately for them, there are some other viable alternatives instead to divorce. If you are facing marital issues but are unsure whether you want to end your marriage, you can opt for a trial separation. 

Couples who do not want to live together but do not want to file for a divorce can seek a permanent legal separation where their lives will be separated, but their marriage will still be valid on paper. 

Lastly, if your marriage was not ethically performed or if you were forced to marry your partner, you can file an annulment case and declare your marriage invalid.

  • Do you need a lawyer to file for a divorce case?

While hiring a lawyer in every divorce is unnecessary, it also depends on your situation with your spouse. For example, if you and your spouse agree on other terms and conditions about the property, child custody, child support, etc., then you do not need a lawyer. 

You can simply register your divorce in court and complete all the procedures. However, if you and your spouse do not come to a common ground, you will need lawyers to fight your case in court trials. 

Even though having an attorney is not a compulsion in divorce cases, it is advised to seek a professional’s advice and guidance before you begin all legal proceedings. So that there are no mistakes and everything goes smoothly. 

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