Things To Know Before Traveling On A Private Jet

Private jet charter flights get you to where you need to go in a short period of time. Unlike traveling by commercial airline, flying by jet charter makes you feel pampered and special. Chartered planes are smaller and booking a flight on one is a different process than you may be used to. The price to fly on a private jet is much different from that of a commercial flight, as well.

Why People Keep Booking Private Jet Charters

According to a recent Business Insider article, the super-rich keep flying privately, even though fuel costs keep rising. COVID-19 had much to do with the initial surge in private jet use. Labor shortages in airports, flight delays, flight cancellations and lost baggage make flying on a commercial airliner frustrating.

Still, passengers have a pent-up demand for air travel. The whole situation has caused airports to become crowded. Meanwhile, the prices of jet fuel, food, bottled water and just about everything is going up. This scenario infuriates people who fly on commercial planes. Thus, some charter company memberships saw a 25% increase in the first half of 2022.

How to Book a Chartered Flight

You’ll need to do a little research before you contact a booking agent. Hop onto the charter company’s website and check out the available plane types. Then find out how much a private jet charter would cost using your preferred plane.

Find out what the ground transportation options are on both ends of your flight, as well as other details. When you’re ready to book your flight, contact the charter company by phone or email to discuss the details of your charter flight.

Think about any options presented that you hadn’t previously considered. Book your chosen plane. Charter companies savvy enough to provide a trip support department can get you chauffeured ground transportation. They can even arrange in-flight catering and make hotel reservations for you.


Several factors besides the plane type factors into the charter price. One contributing factor is where the aircraft is housed in relation to the departure location. The availability of the preferred aircraft factors in too, as well as details.

These details include things like Getcareergoal the travel dates and route, how many people will be traveling, how much luggage will be transported and particular needs and requests. The private jet price for the various plane types is as follows:

  • Turboprop – $2,600 to $3,835 per hour
  • Very light jet – $3,575 to $4,420 per hour
  • Light private jet – $4,875 to $5,980 per hour
  • Mid-sized private jet – (unavailable)
  • Super-mid size private jet – $7,150 to $9,100 per hour
  • Heavy private jet – $9,880 to $14,625 per hour

Ground Transportation Services

You’ll need to get to and from the airport on both ends of your flight, both coming and going. Lining up a friend or family member may be a great idea whenever and wherever possible.

However, you’ll likely need the chauffeur services of a jet charter’s trip support department, at least at your destination. Trip support department people can arrange chauffeured ground transportation as part of the charter company’s luxurious flying experience whenever you need transportation.

Other Details

You may have a fear of flying, especially if you are seated in the front passenger seat of a very small plane. Before you schedule a flight on a small plane, you’ll need to ascertain whether that’s doable for you. If your charter company has a trip support department, inquire whether they will give you in-flight catering.

If you didn’t manage to make a hotel mytoptweets reservation, the trip support department could also make your reservation for you, most likely. If you book a flight on a day that brings bad weather, your flight will be canceled out of caution, so you may be required to have a backup plan.

For various reasons, people increasingly prefer private jet charters over commercial airliners, despite the higher price. Many factors factor into the charter price besides the plane type you charter.

Chauffer services complete the luxurious private jet charter experience jobexpressnews. Before your book a flight, make sure you don’t have a fear of flying, have a backup plan and use the support people.

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