Top Countries to Study Zoology

If you want to study animals and explore the world of flora and fauna, then the best option for you is to pursue a Zoology degree. The subject is a study that engages students in collecting information or data about the inquiry of animals or an individual and about their whole parts. The study of Zoology accompanies the relationship of animals with each other, as well as other plants, their population, and also to the non-living environment, entire faunas, and all.

Zoology is overall a brilliant subject to pursue which will indeed bring you multiple career opportunities both in the government as well as in the private sector. However, to attain a wonderful career after having a Zoology degree, you need to secure the degree first. And to ensure that your learning is proper, you need to choose a good college. You can also access Zoology programs, from an online course selling website.

Foreign countries are more advanced in offering education in Zoology subject. The abroad colleges and universities offer modern ways of learning and provide excellent facilities as well as infrastructure. To help you decide among countries, here are the best among them which provide world-class education in this course.


Australia is arguably the best country to study Zoology. The thing which makes Australia a way ahead of the other countries is that it is home to several educational institutes that are at the forefront of technology and global research. Studies in these universities of Australia will provide you with higher facilities, and students get the chance to work with known scientists as well as experts. 

In addition to that, studying Zoology in this country will make you explore one of the most diverse ecosystems, witnessing several species. Some of the top colleges for learning Zoology in Australia are the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Australian National University, etc.


Japan is one of the fast-growing countries in terms of technology and students getting there for pursuing the Zoology course, will give access to work with modern facilities and the latest equipment. Technological advancements, higher quality of education, polite people, and beautiful scenery are the things, which make Japan one of the best in this regard. 

Though Japan is currently facing deforestation and losing its biodiversity, the positive side to this is, that you’ll be able to develop problem-solving skills on your own, and can suggest solutions regarding the same. Some of the top colleges in Japan for learning Zoology are Hokkaido University, Kyoto University, Niigata University, Tohoku University, etc.


Third, in this list comes the name of Germany. If you have not taken your Zoology degree from the best platform to sell online courses, then you should surely go to Germany for earning up the degree. Living and studying in this country is not as expensive as the other or even in the neighboring countries of Europe. Tuition fees are totally free for not only Germans but for International students as well. 

Now on the education factor, Zoology is taught one of the best in Germany among the countries all over the world. The study focuses both on practical as well as research activities, and candidates get to acquire a lot of skills that they need to attain to secure a career in this line. Some of the top colleges for learning Zoology in Germany are the Technological University of Munich, Technical University of Dresden, University of Tubingen, etc.

South Africa

As you all can see, South Africa is also among the top countries for offering education in Zoology. And why not? The country which has a massive biodiversitiy in it, it is more or less obvious that the place will do good in the Zoological industry. Studying Zoology in this country is affordable and students get to see the exotic wildlife from a very close range. 

South Africa is primarily a developing country at present, but the education it provides, especially in Zoology subject, is world-class. And many students prefer going to South Africa to take up this course with the motive to view its biodiversity and also for advanced research availability. Some of the top colleges for learning Zoology in South Africa are the University of 

KZN, Walter Sisulu University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, etc.

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