What A PR Agency Don’t Do and How to Hire the Best One?

You might have learned about the things that are done by a PR agency but still, various other things need to be understood. Many organizations go through misunderstandings regarding various tasks that they expect a PR firm to accomplish and when it is not done by them, they get disappointed. Hence, if you know what a PR agency will do for you, you must also know what are the things they do not do for you.

  1. No Assurance of Featuring in Media Channels: Media channels are completely out of the control of any publicist. They work on their terms and conditions and despite having the strongest contacts with them, a PR person cannot assure the client about featuring the brand in the media. Everything is dependent on the editorial team and they strictly follow their rules. No friendship, no relation, no contact come in between their job. But an experienced PR expert understands what the media channel wants, and using the skills they prepare the content that is loved by the publishers.
  2. Do not Focus on Sales: People mix up Public Relations with marketing and expect the same result with them. PR is a part of marketing strategies but it is not responsible for the sales and revenue generation of an organization. The major focus of any PR firm is to increase brand awareness and highlight the services of the client among the potential customers. Hence, never expect sales and revenue generation from any PR campaign.
  3. Do not Share Media Contacts: A media contact list prepared by any PR firm is the result of the hard work and patience of their skilled experts. The list is created by making various professional and personal relationships with the media people which is very time taking. Every client has different demands and wants to reach different types of press. Hence, a PR person has to create a relationship with all kinds of media people. This is the reason the media contacts are a proprietary work for any agency and they cannot be shared with anyone.lookmovie    or visit here link  tyler perry and meghan markle relationship

Questions You Must Ask to a PR Agency Before Hiring It

  1. Can you explain your business model? The duration of a PR campaign is always unpredictable and it is difficult to identify how much time it will take to accomplish the goal. So, it is important to identify the company’s business model regarding how the agency bills – hourly, monthly, or yearly. The best way is to be charged monthly as the cost can easily be estimated.
  2. Can you show us your previous campaigns in the same industry? It is a great practice to check the previous work done in your niche. By looking at the work various things can be identified like their way of working, results provided by them, how they manage crises, and much more.
  3. We will be working with whom? If you are working with a large firm, it is essential to meet the team which is going to handle your project. You must know who is going to handle the work and your point of contact.

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