What are CBD and THC in Hemp Plants? How are they the same or different?

Let’s first get to know what CBD and THC are.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol.

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Both are cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants.

Both substances can be found simultaneously in both plant species. But for the most part, the cannabis plant (CBD shop) has more CBD, and the cannabis plant (Cannabis Indica) has more THC.

So what’s the difference between CBD and THC?

Even if CBD and THC were extracted from the same hemp plant, the two substances are different because they are psychoactive.

THC is a psychoactive substance. Hemp-derived CBD is primarily used for medicinal purposes, while THC from Cannabis will be used as a recreational plant.

Benefits of CBD and THC?

As mentioned above, CBD does not have the neurotoxic effect that causes motion sickness. Therefore, this substance is widely used in various medical fields, such as

  • reduce pain
  • Reduce nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy
  • It helps to cure insomnia
  • Relieve symptoms of myasthenia gravis (ALS)
  • Against the symptoms of difficult-to-treat epilepsy. Especially many types of epilepsy in children.
  • Relieve depression and many more.

The government has allowed the private sector to extract CBD for use in food and health care drinks, but the THC must not exceed 0.2%.

The part of THC is found in marijuana. Known for being used to relax and promote healthy sleep, this substance also has medical and health benefits for users, such as reducing pain. Reduce nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. It helps treat muscle spasms and Helps increase the appetite of cancer and AIDS patients. It can also be used in patients with glaucoma.

However, THC has several side effects from its use, such as a powdery mouth, red eyes, rapid heartbeat, slow reflexes, and memory loss.

And finally, for safety, the use of this medicinal cannabis extract should be under a doctor’s close supervision and orders.

So if you want to extract CBD and THC, what should you do?

CBD shop and THC can be extracted by extraction (Extraction), which has two technologies: carbon dioxide extraction and low-temperature ethanol extraction.

In addition to extraction, we should use distillation to ensure that our extracts have the highest purity (>99.9%).

It is essential to consult a specialist to extract both substances safely.

PTS We are equipment dealers. The production machine used for the Hemp and hemp industry by providing a full range of production services from extraction, refining and processing

  • You have CBD and THC extraction technology. Carbon Dioxide Extraction (Hydrocarbon Extraction) and Low-Temperature Ethanol Extraction.
  • Vacuum distillation of CBD and THC to obtain the highest purity CBD

In addition, you consult the production process design CBD shop and THC distillation/extraction laboratory until a complete product is ready for use in a wide range of applications.

 Announcement of the Cosmetics Committee Re: Labels of Cosmetics Containing Ingredients Cannabidiol-containing extracts from cannabis and Hemp, 2021

Identify the manufacturer for sale. Or a contract manufacturer of cosmetics with extracts containing Cannabidiol from cannabis and Hemp as ingredients in the production of cosmetics labelled following the announcement Cosmetics Committee on Labels of Cosmetics B.E. 2019

It must display a warning about the potential hazards to human health. or a message to protect consumers (if any). Suppose there is any substance in the formula. In that case, that must show a warning according to the announcement of the Cosmetics Committee on the matter of warning to show a such warning as well. In case of repeated warnings, display the message according to the account attached.

In addition, for the manufacturer for sale or a contract manufacturer of cosmetics with extracts containing Cannabidiol from cannabis and hemp mixtures, the concentration of Cannabidiol must be shown. On the label as a percentage by weight (weight by weight).

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