What Car Insurance is Best For Women at Age 22?

Many insurance companies charge higher premiums for younger drivers compared to older ones, because they are considered inexperienced. However, age and driving experience play important factors in determining the price of auto insurance. If you are a woman, you may benefit from finding a company that will offer better rates and coverage than a man. If you are a man, you may want to shop around for the best rates, because women are less likely to be involved in serious accidents or get DUIs.

Geico’s average rates are low and their comprehensive list of discounts makes them a good choice. However, they do not offer gap insurance, which is not an option for women. Geico is also financially sound, carrying an A++ rating. However, the best insurance for a woman at age 22 is more affordable than a male driver. You may want to consider purchasing a cheaper car. A compact or hybrid car can help you save money on your film indir mobil insurance.

Insurance information institute’s crash ratios indicate that female drivers are less likely to get into accidents than men. In comparison to males, 22-year-old women have the lowest crash ratios. While females are considered to be safe drivers, their car insurance premiums may still be higher than a male. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the premiums for women at age 22 by shopping around and applying for discounts.

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