Why Aren’t There More Healthy Fast Food Restaurants?

The answer may lie in the lack of demand for healthy options in fast food chains. Fast-food chains are becoming increasingly large, and people are eating on the go. People crave predictable and affordable food, and fast-food chains can fulfill that need. But what about those who want healthier options? And, most importantly, why aren’t more healthy fast-food restaurants opening up? Read on to find out.

To start, you can order salads or other healthier items instead of your usual hamburger. Often, fast-food joints offer a wide variety of salads and vegetables, and you can limit the amount of high-fat items. Cheese and bacon go well with salads, and you can skip the sour cream and cheese. You can also choose fruit instead of fries. While fast-food chains are notorious for being high in sodium, they are low in fiber and other nutrients.

In the US, calorie disclosure is required by law. In Canada, however, it is illegal for fast-food restaurants to hide calorie content. A recent law requires them to list this information. If they don’t, it is likely that people will ignore the calorie label. However, many people still ignore menu labels. While many restaurants are experimenting with menu labeling, McCrory believes the law will eventually result in more healthy food choices.

Even the largest fast-food chains are making efforts to improve the nutrition of their menus. The website of Taco Bell, for instance, features an entire page devoted to healthy menu items. This page includes low-calorie, vegetarian and gluten-free options. It is estimated that three-quarters of what Taco Bell serves has less than 500 calories, which is lower than the recommended level. There are many more fast-food chains that could be included on the list.

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