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Why is YouTube Considered a Social Media Platform?

YouTube has been labeled a social media platform by many, but it is in fact a video-streaming service. Users can upload videos and share them with the world, and anyone can view them. This allows for a large distribution of content. In exchange for giving people a platform to share content, YouTube sells advertisements. But why is it different from other social media platforms? Let’s take a look at some of the differences.

The social aspect of YouTube is evident in its newsfeed. This feature displays videos from your subscribed channels and recommends related content, much like how a social network suggests friends. Like a social network’s Wall, your newsfeed allows you to rate videos and share them with others. Positive ratings push videos up in the feed, and negative ones drop down. This makes it easier for your viewers to interact with your content creator, which is great news for everyone. Most channel owners recognize that their videos are more likely to be shared if they have more engagement.

As far as advertising goes, YouTube is the king of the social media world. According to the website, 90% of brand-related content on YouTube originates from consumers who share their videos. Moreover, 93% of users aged 18-34 share videos every month. So, if you want your content to be seen by the largest number of users, YouTube is definitely the place for you. If you want to maximize your marketing potential, you should consider YouTube in your social media plan.

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